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WOMEN are being warned about the dangers of a “womb detox” product after health experts said it could cause irritation and even toxic shock syndrome. US firm called Embrace Pangaea is selling “Herbal Womb Detox Pearls” online, claiming the products “aids to correct” conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts and thrush. Another package – claims to promote “vaginal tightening”, which it says works by “tightening the womb” so the “vaginal canal will shrink”. The company says the herb pearls are designed to “cleanse the womb and return it to a balance state” by flushing out “toxins”. In a blogpost, the company said the pearls could be issued in the same way natural solutions like oranges and lemons can be used to counteract a cold. But a sexual health expert insisted that not only were the “pearls” ineffective, but they could be dangerous. Dr Jen Gunter, a US gynaecologist, wrote a blog post debunking the company’s claims and saying these types of products – and the herbs used in them – have not been tested for vaginal use. She explained that the vagina was like “a self-cleaning oven” and putting anything like this in the vagina for long periods of time will increase the likelihood of bad bacteria growing and causing infection. She also said it would increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome – a potentially fatal syndrome caused by bacteria. It is not possible to reach the womb from the vagina without using force.

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Why Those Herbal “Detox” Vagina Balls Are Bullsh*t

Lawsuit alleges company ‘falsely and deceptively advertises and markets its product as treating infertility’. In addition to the claims of improved overall vaginal health, the company also claims that the pearls have helped more than “10, women with painful menstrual cramping, detoxing an ex-lover, smelly odour, dryness,” getting “back their menstrual cycle after getting off birth control” and “overall vaginal reconnection”. There’s nothing in your reproductive tract that needs to be detoxed.

Your whole body, you’ve got liver and kidneys – they take care of that.

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Inserting herbal ‘cleansing’ balls into the vagina is dangerous, doctor warns

Teatoxes were bad enough. Detoxes in general, actually, appear to be total nonsense with little to no evidence of their claimed benefits. The website shows pictures of dramatic results — large pieces of discharge and blood being expelled through the vagina — and promises that the Detox Pearls can heal serious conditions such as yeast infections, endometriosis, fibroids, and bacteria vaginosis.

And yes, perfumed products include whatever the heck is in those balls, which are also being sold on Etsy and Amazon. Again, a very bad thing.

Apparently “womb detox pearls” will detoxify your vagina, but these baubles are just the latest trend making women self-concious about their.

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Today in things you needed to know: A writer at Refinery29 decided to try the new Vaginal Cleansing Pearls that claim to rid your vagina of the evil toxins that dwell there. Vaginal Cleansing Pearls are basically teabags for your vagina — a curated mix of herbs bunched together in a muslin satchel that you stick into your canal as close to the cervix as possible. The writer, Helen Nianias, was only able to withstand the detox for 12 hours before experiencing uncomfortable symptoms in her vagina.

She became distressingly dry and tight, and even discovered crusting upon examination. I would expect that normal lubrication will continue after a week and the discharge and old tissue will have also disappeared. However, many health experts and doctors are advising against it. A gynecologist named Dr. Jen Gunter recently wrote a blog post about the dangers of vaginal detoxing with these pearls.

And we have to agree. This woman tried detoxing her vagina —and we feel pretty weird about it.

Please Don’t Stick Herbs Up Your Vagina. Please.

There are a lot of things you’re not supposed to put up inside your vagina. Hot Wheels, Cheetos, and Icy Hot come to mind immediately. Another thing you should definitely not put up there, though, is a little satchel of herbs. While the idea of a “vaginal detox” might seem appealing, stop, no, it’s not, it’s bad. But that’s what these newly popular little vagina herb bombs promise customers — a total detox for your most delicate orifice.

You cannot just go shoving basil and grass up there and hope for a miracle.

Yoni Detox Pearls Main Ingredients: Moschus, Angelica,Motherwort Herb,​Sangusis draconis,Borneolum Syntheticum,Rhizoma Chuanxiong,Herba Menthae.

By Kate Pickles For Mailonline. Doctors have warned women using herbal ‘womb detox’ products are risking health problems including toxic shock syndrome. The Herbal Womb Detox Pearls are being sold worldwide by Florida-based firm Embrace Pangaea, which claims the products can help with conditions including endometriosis, ovarian cysts, thrush and fibroids. Women are directed to use three at a time, for 72 hours. The pearls claim to ‘cleanse the womb and return it to a balance[d] state’ by flushing out toxins.

The Herbal Womb Detox Pearls are being sold by Florida-based firm Embrace Pangaea and claim to to ‘cleanse the womb and return it to a balance[d] state’ by flushing out toxins. Special packages are also offered to treat fibroids and bacterial vaginosis with another designed for ‘vaginal tightening’. The company claims that by tightening the womb, the vaginal canal will shrink and ‘can result in heightened sexual pleasure. The website warns virgins, pregnant women or those breast-feeding against using the product.

But a sexual health expert warned against anyone using them saying the ‘pearls’ were not only ineffective, but could also be dangerous. The San Francisco-based doctor said women who experienced heavy bleeding, odour or pain that went beyond a few days of cramping each month should see a doctor. Describing the vagina as like a ‘self-cleaning oven,’ she explained how inserting herbs is likely to interfere with its natural balance, damaging the good bacteria, or lactobacilli and irritating the lining, increasing the risk of getting an infection.

Do not try to detox your womb with ‘pearls’ say experts

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Like many women, my uterus has been through a lot. I also used an IUD intrauterine birth control device in the past that I eventually removed after three years of use because my body just couldn’t seem to tolerate it. I now regret my decision to use an IUD , because I sincerely believe the vaginal infections that ensued after I started using it, combined with three years of no menstrual cycle, has wreaked havoc inside me.

After some research as to what I could do to heal myself naturally, I came across an article about womb detox pearls, and my interest was immediate piqued. In the past I’ve taken vaginal probiotic pills; however, I lead a super busy life and I’m not good at remembering to take pills, so eventually I stopped that regimen. I also figured that an internal method of restoring balance to my female parts would work way better than taking a pill.

In addition, what I learned about the physical and spiritual importance of the womb was phenomenal. Apparently, many cultures believe that the womb has other capabilities outside of its reproductive purposes. They believe the womb can also harbor emotional, physical and spiritual traumas. Womb detox pearls are sold under various names and have been used by women throughout time to naturally cleanse the womb and restore its natural balance and are believed to cure ailments such as vaginal infections, endometriosis, foul odor and fibroids.

They have even been reported to result in vaginal tightening! However, womb detox pearls are not recommended for pregnant women, women with an intact hymen, or women who are breastfeeding. The pearls are composed of a an assortment of potent herbs that have strong affinities to the female reproductive system.

Healing or Harmful? Vaginal Detox Pearls

A trend among women for inserting herb balls in their vaginas to ‘detox their wombs’ could risk toxic shock syndrome, an expert has warned. The website claims they are “designed to cleanse the womb and return it to a balanced state”. It adds: “The womb is not only a vessel for bringing in souls to the physical plane, but also a vessel that can hold on to emotional, physical and spiritual pain.

The pearls are specially created with ancient herbs and can correct major imbalances, the site says. But Jen Gunter, a US gynaecologist, wrote a blog post in which she disparaged the company’s claims. Dr Gunter goes onto to describe the vagina as a “self-cleaning oven” and that none of the contents mentioned by Embrace Pangea have been tested for vaginal use and could be “directly irritating”.

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Women inserting herb balls in vagina for ‘womb detox’ warned of toxic shock syndrome risk

Women have been putting things in their vaginas since the beginning of time. From douches to sex toys to tampons to yoni eggs and kegel exercisers, the list goes on. For most women, we are very intuitive with our wombs; we know when something is off internally, we know when our period is approaching, and even when ovulation is near.

Especially today, where our standard food supply is devoid of nutrition and laced with pesticides and chemical ingredients.

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The Goddess Pearl Detox is what you need to detox your yoni. I am not just talking about adding that douche to your vagina actually despise, but adding the herbal health that the yoni needs. She is a woman who believes if you truly want something you can get it, you just have to make it happen. She wishes to help other women realize this realization as well.

We were able to sit down and really get into the Goddess Pearl Detox details. It is also more than just a physical experience but an emotional and spiritual cleanse as well. Vanessa White: Hey love, Goddess Detox is a company about the woman and her self-care. PMA: What made you create such a life altering products for women and wombs everywhere?

Vanessa White: This was something that I tried personally and wanted to share the use of using herbs to heal naturally with women everywhere. I wanted more women to get in touch with their vaginal spaces. There are so many women I talk to who hardly even look down there and this product forces them to do that and I love that.

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